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Best Cheap 1/4" Ratchet Wrench Online Store

before decision to buy, I searches on internet so long time. So I gathered a shop that sells 1/4" Ratchet Wrench and compare prices to. Some stores offers me fast shipping.

Now the prices down even more urgent look at all the other check prices before the end of time.

1/4" Ratchet Wrench Specification

1/4" Ratchet Wrench Overview

VT1000 Features: -Planetary gear design. -Lever throttle for easy operation and enhanced speed control. -Great for hard-to-reach areas. -Combines speed and power for small applications. -Ergonomic square handle design for positive grip. -Lightweight and well balanced. -Square drive: 0.25''. -Speed rating: 240 RPM. -12CFM@90PSI. -Tool weight: 1.5lbs. -Air inlet: 0.25''NPT. [else][endif] [if ]

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