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Stanley 78-403 1/4-Inch Air Ratchet Overview

680-78-403 Air Ratchet 025 in Stanley Industrial Tools (ORS Disc Code A) STANLEY 680 78 403 and one quarter AIR RATCHET 076174763621 Hand Tools Hand Tools Other Automotive Tools Air Tools and Accessories Air Tools Air Ratchet 025 in

Stanley 78-403 1/4-Inch Air Ratchet Specification

  • 360ยบ directional rear exhaust aims exhaust air away from your face
  • Teasing throttle provide user with maximum control
  • Rear, adjustable air regulator allows you to control of airflow
  • Ergonomically designed, molded handle absorbs vibration and reduces hand fatigue. 35 ft-lb
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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